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Hello, i'm Jossuch

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Hello, i'm Jossuch

Post  jossuch on Tue Aug 23, 2011 3:21 am

Name: Joachim
Location: Europe,Belgium
Time zone: GMT+1
Why you should be accepted : I'm a nice player who likes to play minecraft and build random things (mostly using redstone)
Your minecrafting skills are: Used to make ALOT of things with redstone, if you dont know how to make something with it, ask me.. and if i dont know it on the spot, i'll surely figure a way out to make it work ^^

Also i'm pretty creative at building houses etc. ( no pixelart )

Extra: Used to be an admin on IsraelMinecraft server it had over 30 ppl online during day, which sadly ended becouse the owner coudntt afford it anymore.


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